Over the past 30 years, PDS has expanded it's services offering to cater to several of the critical processes required by it's client's including Development Management, Engineering and Dispute Resolution.


Development Management

PDS believes that by focusing attention on quality at every stage of the development process it will be able to deliver superior high value outcomes for all parties involved. PDS has extensive experience in providing a full range of development management including:

0.1 Feasibility studies/analysis of the commercial potential of a site including zoning and Development Application considerations.

0.2 Identifying 'best use' concepts.

0.3 Establishing a suitable corporate structure or partnership.

0.4 Financial arrangements and budgeting.

0.5 Acquisition of property.

0.6 Liaison with local government and authorities as required.

0.7 Coordinating consultants, and chairing project co-ordination meetings.

0.8 Preparing and submitting Development Applications.

0.9 Coordinating architectural design and implementation.

1.0 Scheduling and project supervision of construction.

1.1 Coordinating marketing, advertising and project sales.

1.2 Finalising finances and profit distribution.



PDS offers it's clients detailed design and documentation for:

• Residential – Dwellings, Multi-storey Units.
• Commercial Offices and Retail.
• Light and Heavy Industrial Buildings.
• Hotels and Motels.
• Bridges.
• Structural Adequacy Reports.
• Research and Development.
• Expert Witness Reports and Court Representation.


Director Sameh Ibrahim is a civil engineer who is experienced in both investment in, and development of residential, commercial and industrial properties. He operated his own structural and civil engineering practice for more than 30 years, and was involved in the creation and delivery of a number of major property development projects before forming PDS. Sameh currently holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (University of NSW), is a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, a Chartered Professional Engineer and an NER.


Dispute Resolution

PDS is dedicated to assisting the parties in construction contracts to take advantage of the proven methods in avoidance and resolution of contract disputes. These methods have been used globally by members of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF), and the benefits have been recorded and supported by the largest banks, contractors and international governments. 

PDS has a commitment to ensuring it is up to date with the latest projects with DRBF, and the attendance of the Director, Sameh Ibrahim to regular advanced workshops and training programs.